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Beta Utensili is a leading company in the production and sales of professional hand tools. Beta Utensili employs more than 550 staff worldwide. The range comprises 20 product categories and more than 10.000 coded items. Beta Utensili designs, manufactures and markets first-rate tools. This mission is fulfilled through the entire company’s synergetic involvement, at three levels:

  1. Satisfying professional users’ requirements, providing the most suitable answers in terms of products and of assistance, with a view to enhancing working quality and simplifying jobs;
  2. Being committed to ongoing research, to foster innovation and anticipate future trends, working on materials, state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic design, so that the company can steadily stand out as a reliable benchmark among traders;
  3. Playing the company’s business role while protecting both the environment – which belongs to everybody and should be preserved for everybody – and man, whose wellness is Beta Tools ultimate goal

Since 1923 the resolute determination of one family raised the fortune of the die manufacturer “Alessandro Ciceri & Figli” to today’s maximum levels of the national market. In the early sixties Beta Utensili employed two hundred staff and exported its products abroad, asserting its emerging role among professional hand tool producers. In the early seventies, Beta Utensili pioneered motorsports sponsorships with a Formula 1 car. The first great success in 1975: Vittorio Brambilla at the wheel of an orange “Beta Utensili March” won the Austrian Grand Prix under a downpour at Zeltweg.

In 1995 the company was awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Certification. The range expanded throughout the years from the sole production of professional hand tools to a line that today meets all the requirements of any modern and efficient plant: tool assortments, containers, wire rope accessories, pneumatic tools, safety footwear and workwear – more than 10.000 quality coded items. Quality is synonymous with guaranteed product safety and reliability. A value safeguarded through stringent, accurate tests, carried out for each of the phases that transform a simple idea into an irreplaceable working instrument.

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