In 1867 Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company for the manufacture of physical and electrical apparatus where his son, Emil Fein, invented the first electric hand drill in 1895, barely 30 years later. With this invention he laid the foundation for the highly reliable power tools that FEIN continues to manufacture in Germany and for which this tradition-rich company is respected in trade and industry throughout the world.

FEIN has been among the world's leading power tool manufacturers for over 140 years. FEIN is always at the cutting edge of innovation, and FEIN places the highest demand on itself to produce the best quality and most durable power tools on the market.

FEIN products are the standard for performance and reliability around the world. 
In order for the company’s customers to always have an expert contact, the company can be reached through 20 FEIN 
subsidiaries and 50 FEIN distributors worldwide. 
Everywhere FEIN power tools are in use, you will find trained professionals, fast 
service and expert advice.

FEIN is the specialist, when extremely reliable, professional power tools and special applications solutions are called for in the metal fabrication, interior construction, and automotive industries. As the inventor of the electric hand drill, FEIN has developed innovative and unbeatably efficient, professionally-oriented solutions for over 140 years. In industrial and trade use, they prove themselves under the toughest continuous use. Through company’s excellent relations with dealers and intensive 
contact with users of their products, FEIN know exactly what matters when it comes to professional tools. The durability, reliability, quality and precision of their tools ensure that FEIN power tools withstand even the toughest continuous use. In addition, there is an extensive range of special accessories that is precisely matched to previously defined applications and guarantees the best possible results in professional hands.


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